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ShotPut Studio

An all-in-one media workflow solution

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A simple solution

for complex workflows

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ShotPut Studio Transcode Results Screen

Transcoding and LUTs

Generate professional grade transcodes in a snap - with a wide variety of settings available, you can tailor everything to your exact specifications. Edit video and audio settings, apply a LUT, add a timecode and include watermarks.

Or get a jump start by selecting an already made template and editing it as needed.

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ShotPut Studio Copy Tool Results Screen

Data Analysis Tools

Take the heavy lifting out of managing your data by using built in tools to create new MHL and ASC MHL seals or verify existing seals. And with the Report tool you can create PDF, CSV, and TXT reports in a split second.

With ShotPut Studio's data analysis tools you can spend more time on what's most important.

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ShotPut Studio Preset Tool Screen

Copying and Uploading

ShotPut Studio makes it simple to create verified copies in both local and cloud destinations. And with shareable media-centric PDF, TXT, and CSV reports, it's easy to stay organized and keep your whole team in the loop.

Users can get started immediately with the Copy Tool or build a Preset to save time in the future.

Try it out for 7 days free, 
no strings attached.

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